Clanning Care Collective Housing - Breda

Project Director: .Fabric (
Team: Gianpiero Venturini, Vanessa Joos, Karel Massen, Greta Mozzachiodi
Year: 2010

As houising design in the nineties was characterized by individualization, now slowly a new interests of collectivity becomes visible. The recent forecast of the Central Office for Statistics (CBS) shows that after 2010 the demographic ageing will strike hard when the first babyboomers have reached the age of 65. It seems to transform the Netherlands into one large community molded after an American model. But there is an alternative.

Faith Popcorn, founder of marketing office BrainReserve, states that time will be the most important factor in the organization of our social live: "Time will be the new currency in the year 2000 and beyond. We'll spend it, save it, invest it and trade it the way we did with money in the 1980s and '90s. What's more, people will be searching for extra time in every area of their lives.
Given that the elder population and 72 million baby boomers are aging en masse, clanning is destined to define life in the 21st centuty. Multigenerational families are on the rise. There is going to be a blendind of families and inrelated people that we've never seen the likes of before. People are really going to team up and care for each other in profund ways". (text: .Fabric)

That is what the project clanning anticipates on. Clanning investigates new alternatives for living as a team member of a collective community and aims to find a new form to accomodate this new question for dwelling.