Team: Gianpiero Venturini, Diego Stefani, Gabriele Rovati
Year: 2012

The projecy “Pixelated Mountain” is placed in the est zone of Amsterdam and it has the aim of connecting the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum with the opposite bank of the river, which presents mostly residentals features. The two banks are separated from Amstel Canal, one of the most important and wider river in Amsterdam. The distance between the two banks is about 90 mt. The main goal of the project is to be integrated with the surroundings, especially with the Amstel canal, and at the same time to become a new icon for the city. From the conceptual to the project idea, the “Pixelated Mountain” introduces in the existing contest a new element, innovative and of a great touristic interest. The “Pixelated Mountain” comes from the generation of a flat modular surface composed by 2x2mt and 0,3 mt thick blocks, whose main characteristic is to adapt to the different needs of the bridge in the most flexible way. The bridge fits in the neighborhood taking into account its urban features, paying a special attention to the connections that will be created from the two banks: the one of the Hermitage museum, more public, and the opposite one, more private, tipical of a residential district. The bridge creates a direct link with the Hermitage museum, almost as it would be an extension of the museum itself. The little space, that nowadays stands in front of it, will be turned into a place where events will take place, addressed to everyone: existing communities, visitors and the neighborhoods around it.

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