Trilha do Train Do Pantanal - The Pantanal Train

Team: Gianpiero Venturini, Gabriele Rovati
Year: 2008-2011
Client: Landscape Biennal Architecture of Barcelona

The Pantanal is a flood-plain of 350.548 km2, an area that is almost half of the France territory, and is located in the west part of Brazil in the Mato Grosso do Sul state next to the Bolivia border. The Pantanal is crossing by Paraguay and Parana rivers and it is characterized by a tropical wet climate that is composed of a dry (winter) and rain season (summer). During the rain season, there are some sloppy land situated around this area that can’t absorb all the water, hence inundation occurs at the lowest part.
The Pantanal train runs across this area, and it used to transport goods and people from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean; however, it is only working properly in the region of Bolivia. This train can be significant for the local and regional developments of Mato Grosso do Sul; and it can also attract tourists, because the Pantanal is the richest place of flora e fauna in Brazil. We are considering about 500 km of this train track to be passing through Mato Groso do Sul and Pantanal. Within this range of distance, there are only three cities in between, and you would require a substantial amount of time to travel from one city to the other; hence the workers would require assistance because it is not possible for them to go back home every day. Our idea is to create a platform along the train track that function as a support base for the workers during the redevelopment; and after this period, those people who used to live here could still use these platforms for their purposes of commerce, business or tourism.

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Pantanal Flora and Fauna