Team: Gianpiero Venturini, Blanca Esteban Esteban, Xiana Mendez Moldes
Year: 2011

The Inflatable Bubble Project was presented at the Madrid post graduate MPAA (Master en Proyectos Arquitectonicos Avanzados). It was created by Gianpiero Venturini, Blanca Estaban and Xiana Mendez and consists of an inflatable space, easy to transport around. It has been thought for an art installation with the main objective to establish a critic view of the contemporary society. Starting from the concept of the crisis (economic crisis, nervous breakdown, marriage crisis ...) the main idea is to provide to the citizen an intimate urban space in which they can relieve. The idea was inspired by the famous speaking corner of London, with the difference that in this case, the Inflatable Bubble can be carried and used in any space you want. Inside the inflatable bubble can enter a maximum of two persons. Thanks to a small motor, it inflates in a few seconds and because of the plastic material, the inflatable bubble is very light and easy to carry.

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Masterclass Presentation