Team: Gianpiero Venturini, Xiana Mendez Moldes, Hugo Perez Silva
Year: 2011

The Kaiten Sushi Project has been presented at the Sushi dinner at ETSA Madrid in 2011. The main objective of the dinner was to present an object with the main characteristics to be “seclusivo”. This concept comes fomr the biologuy and indicates the possibility to produce an object that consents to realize more than one action at the same time (in this case eat and play). Starting from two basic concepts of the japanese tradition, the kaiten sushi game represents an object completely “seclusivo” that reinterpretate tha classical kaiten table and the “Go”, a traditionally japanese game. The Kaiten sushi table is made by three pivoting mobile rings. Each rings host a different category, 1sts two are images and the third one is made by “information”. Like the normal kaiten table, every time you want to eat a new sushi piece you need to rotate a ring that produces a movement that has the consequence to produce a new action. The three rings, woith their rotation, combine images with informations, producing new “information”

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Kaiten Zushi