Ko Samui Resort - Thailand

Project Director: .Fabric (www.fabrications.nl)
Team: Gianpiero Venturini, Greta Mozzachiodi, Dina Ge
Year: 2009

How Can we male a resort that produces energy instead of consuming it? What if 550 guest drink, swim, wash and clean without extracting water below?
What could be a new level to establish a benchmark for "eco" resort? How will the architecture perform under this challenging regime? The concept of the resort is to be completely sustainable and based on closed cycles of water use, waste treatment and relies on its own energy supply.
Furthermore this selfsufficient system has a minimal impact on its surrounding in terms of architecture and materialuse.
The Ko Samui Resort in Thailand has been develpod for a private client during 2009-2010 and wants to intorduce a completely new concept of resert building in Asia. The resort includes a variet of dwellings and an hotel that, with its plane roof has the ability to provide water to all the others apartments.

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