Project Director: KKAA (Kengo Kuma and Associates)
Team: Maria Chiara Piccinelli, Gianpiero Venturini
Year: 2010
Client: Antonio Percassi

In 2009, the japanese architectural office KKAA (Kengo Kuma and Associates) got the 2nd prize for the contruction of the new thermal center of San Pellegrino, Italy. KKAA has been selected to present the new Masterplan of “San Pellegrino Terme”, for the realization of a number of luxury building, in front of the new thermal center.
The projects will be realized after 2013, and consists of a number fo commercial and residential luxury buildings. The 5 buildings, different for their characteristics (high, composition, dimensions…) are positiones on the perimeter of the main road to get the thermal complex.
The commercial spaces are located at the ground floor of every building and, on the upper floors are positioned the luxury houses.

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San Pellegrino Terme