Itinerant Office, in collaboration with the IED Innovation Lab and the IED City Lab participated in the project Carabanchel Creativa seeking social, cultural and economic activation of the Carabanchel district in Madrid.



Itinerant Office, in collaboration with the IED Innovation Lab and the IED City Lab participated in the project Carabanchel Creativa. The initiative sought the social, cultural and economic activation of the Carabanchel district in Madrid through Orange Economy, creativity, participatory processes and new technologies of visualisation and digital connections. Further information about the initiative can be found at the following link

After several meetings with the residents, Itinerant Office designed two temporary interventions for the re-activation of the area, which was used to host a series of cultural and artistic activities developed with the direct involvement of the local inhabitants.

Inaugral function at the site of intervention. Photo courtesy of IED. 

The intervention consisted of a series of temporary seats and ramps in an existing amphitheatre of the neighbourhood and a portable stage to be used by the different collectives and associations of the community.

The main reasons that led to this proposal were two-fold: First, the need for cultural infrastructures in the neighbourhood to host shared events and meetings and, second, the improvement of an amphitheatre with problems of accessibility that was partially damaged and therefore, not used.


The first intervention we started to construct was the one in the amphitheatre. The proposal aimed to make it a more accessible and playful space, by including new seats and ramps and a series of lines painted in the ground that invited to play and interact with others or with the space itself.

The proposal was constructed in OSB and phenolic plywood, which made the structures more resistant to impacts and water. A series of longitudinal pieces were added in the ramps to avoid occasional slips. In some of the seats, we included triangular elements that function as armrests.

Graphic illustrating the overall proposal for Carabanchel Creativa.


The second intervention for Carabanchel Creativa, was a portable stage. In order to make it portable, we designed several detachable pieces that allowed an easy assembly of the complete structure.

Graphic illustrating the portable stage design for Carabanchel Creativa.

One of the main objectives of the stage was that it could be used in several places at the same time. For this reason, the stage consisted of two independent systems. On the one hand, a platform formed by six wooden modules with wheels – three of rectangular plan and three of triangular plan – combined through different forms of aggregation. On the other, two steel frames, as a proscenium, detachable in eight modules, with the possibility of operating as a single element, or separately. In addition, it includes a system of micro-perforated canvases that can cover the roof of the structure and generate a backdrop.

Detachable pieces allowed easy assembly and portability of the stage.

The stage was designated to the associations of the neighbourhood. To ensure the correct use of the stage, Itinerant Office developed a manual so that the neighbours could follow the necessary steps to assemble the piece.


In addition to de design of both interventions, Itinerant Office was in charge of supervising the construction process carried out by Guillermo Diego and the Fab Lab of the IED.